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About Us

Who We Are
---Pioneer in Flat Die Pellet Mill Design
Amisy Group has 12 years experience in pelletizer research and design since 2000. Our products include flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, pellet mill parts and turnkey pellet making solutions. Among these machines, flat die pellet mill has been very popular with families who are eager to make their own pellets. Our flat die pellet machines have two engine driven choice for customers: electric pellet mill and diesel pellet making machine which can meet needs of customers in rural countries where there is shortage of electricity. Besides, our mobile pellet mill is multifunctional, that is to say, you just need to buy one machine and then it can make both biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. If you want to make these two kinds of pellets, please let me know, our engineer will customize the pellet mill design for you: rotating roller and stationary die. If you want to make animal feed pellets only, then the mini pellet mill design can be stationary die and rotating rollers. As our flat die pellet mill adopt KAF reducer with ensures a reliable & continuous working process at the least energy consumption.
Factory Overview

flat die pellet machines

flat die pellet mills

What We Do

1. Listen to customer and give considerate suggestions
Amisy Group has a responsible team with clear division work. Our online service staff will read about all customers needs in advance. For many customers who are not familiar with this industry and do not know what is the first step for making their pellets, we would like to introduce relevant information for making pellets, for example, what is the common material for making biomass pellets and feed pellets; what is the material available for her/him; whether it is practical in his country to start this business,etc. Many customers give a thumbs-up gesture in the first stage service.
2. Recommend suitable machine and give best quotation
After knowing what the customer need, our service man will forward all the information to our professional salesmen. The corresponding salesmen will contact you in one weekday, recommend the suitable pellet mill, send you detailed machine information including machine features, working principle, specifications, price and pictures. During this stage, you can feel free to tell us any questions about machines and our company, you will get satisfying answer.
Once you confirm your order, our salesman will supervise the factory to produce the pellet machine as required. During manufacturing process, we will send you machine processing pictures and make adjustment if you need. Before delivery, these machines will be checked and tested carefully by machine quality control team, perfect is their pursuit.
3. Provide free technical training and guidance
We provide machine operating manual in English version for customers, machine working video is also available. If you need face-to-face training, we will send technicians to give complete professional training. Our machine warranty is one year, during warranty period, any machine problem cause by machine quality, we will repair for free. Our factory will provide pellet mill parts at factory price for customers in life time.